Welcoming Lupus 2011

“So this is Lupus”

The next European Lupus meeting will take place in Porto, the capital of northern Portugal.

Portugal “gave new worlds to the world” as the epic poet Luís de Camões wrote. We opened new doors, new bridges to the world in the 15th and 16th centuries, when Europe was in risk to be locked in itself. Portugal showed that it is possible to win over fear, win over doubts and discover the unknown.
Now is the time for Lupus, the time for discovering the pieces of the puzzle, but also what is the meaning behind the puzzle of Lupus.
Quoting one of the most famous Portuguese poets, Fernando Pessoa, “God wills, man dreams, the work is born”.
So let’s do it!

Let’s discuss what we know about its pathogenesis, highlight all its thousand faces, remember all the investigations done and discuss the new roads of research. Let’s share the certainties, the doubts and strategies.

So this is Lupus…  

Carlos Vasconcelos (Portugal)
   Munther A Khamashta (UK)
 Ricard Cervera (Spain)
Download here the meeting 2nd announcement

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